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Stainless Steel Pipe, Tube & Fitting Products

by:East King     2020-08-29

Our stainless steel tube manufacturing operations can cater for all types of commercial applications. For example, our production of steel pipe can be used in warmth exchangers, heating elements and heating units and appliances.

At M & K Metals you should buy a partial piece of stainless steel tube or pipe. Contact us for more information relating to our stainless steel tube and pipe products for your project needs, or request a quote right now.

The two images above show the first two main processes in the manufacturing of seamless tube. First, a pink-hot stainless steel forged hole rod is fashioned with a pilger. After the bar has cooled, the tube is chilly drawn via a die, and if needed over a plug or mandrel for additional sizing.

This cold drawing process continues till the tube is at its specified last dimensions. Cold pilgering is able to maintain uniform ODs and concentric IDs as a result of it's a longitudinal chilly-rolling process which reduces the diameter and wall thickness of steel tube in a single operation. For specific material sorts this process achieves cross-part reductions of more than ninety percent in a single working cycle. Our 300 series has increased strength and corrosion resistance for applications in harsh environments, meeting the necessities in your stainless tube tasks.

Stainless steel can also be simply cleaned and sterilized and could be simply welded, machined or bent to create a curved form. This combination of factors makes stainless steel tubing a superb alternative for structural applications, particularly these the place the tubes may be exposed to corrosive environments. AK Tube presents in SAE and metric sizes austentic and ferritic stainless steel tubing in rounds starting from 1.

ASTM normal specs embrace A213 seamless tube, A269 welded tube, A511 seamless mechanical tube and A554 ornamental tube, with annealed and pickled in addition to shiny annealed manufacturing options. Tube cutting and sharpening providers customise your order to job specs.
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