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Stainless Steel Plate Production Process


1) Hot rolled pickled plate (coil) 1D:

EAF——VOD/AOD+LF (Use ESR for higher requirements)——Continuous Casting CC——Slab Heating——Descale——Rough Rolling (Hot)——Finish Rolling (Hot)—— Annealing——Pickling

2) Cold rolled plate (coil) 2D2B:

Hot rolled pickled steel coil-cold rolled-annealing-pickling-(polishing)

EAF: Electric arc furnace smelting, which melts ferronickel (or scrap steel) into molten steel.

VOD (Vaccum Oxygen Decarburization): Vacuum oxygen blowing decarburization, and composition control.

AOD (Argon Oxygen Decarburization): Argon oxygen blowing and decarburization, and composition control.

LF (Ladle Refining Fuinace): Ladle Refining Fuinace, for precise blending of ingredients.

ESR (Electroslag Remelting): Electroslag remelting, a refining process in which steel smelted in an open hearth, converter, electric arc furnace or induction furnace is cast or forged into electrodes, and remelted through the slag resistance heat. ESR in English.

Continuous Casting CC (Continue Casting): continuous casting technology, the molten steel that has been well-allocated (all components meet the requirements) is controlled to a suitable temperature through the tundish, and is continuously cooled and solidified in the continuous casting unit at a certain casting speed. Billet.

Billet heating: Before rough rolling, the billet needs to be heated to 1100-1250°C and kept for a certain period of time.

Rough rolling:

The slab is rolled to a slab with a certain thickness and width through a rough rolling mill at a higher temperature. Generally, the rough rolling mill is a four-high rolling mill.

Finish rolling:

The slab rolled by the rough rolling mill is sent to the finishing mill through the rolling line guide rail, and rolled to the required thickness and width of the plate (coil). Generally, it is rolled by a Steckel rolling mill or a continuous rolling mill.

Annealing (heating steel or steel products to a certain temperature and keeping it for a certain period of time, slowly cooling to room temperature):

The rolled steel plate (coil) has certain processing stress or structural defects. Annealing through an annealing furnace can improve structural defects and eliminate stress.

Pickling: Remove the oxide scale on the surface of the steel plate (roll) and passivate the surface.

Cold rolling: In order to obtain better flatness and thinner steel coils (strips), hot-rolled pickled steel coils are rolled at room temperature. A 20-high rolling mill unit is generally used.

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