Where to get help if cold rolled stainless steel sheet gets problem during the use?
After identifying the problems of stainless steel sheet , East King Steel (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. will arrange the most professional after-sales team to help you. By following the instruction manual, we are responsible for repairing the products for free during the warranty period. During the usage of the product, you can send the product back to us for repair. Once the product is out of warranty period, we will charge you for the parts and accessories.

East King Steel boasts many years of experience in manufacturing stainless steel sheet. We are regarded as a reputable manufacturer in the domestic market. The stainless steel coil series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. stainless steel strip coil materials has improved the physical properties of stainless steel coil. Its premium quality attracts many famous brands, like BOE, NISSAN, and Foxconn. People will notice its quality remains good after repeated cleaning and washing, no matter seeing its color, shape, or texture. The product comes with premium chemical stability, thus it will not cause a chemical reaction.

Because of stainless steel strip coil, East King Steel can continuously improve product quality and service quality in the process of accumulating experience. Check it!
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