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Causes of cracks in welded joints of 304 austenitic stainless steel pipes


304 austenitic stainless steel pipes crack near the welded joints during use. The causes of cracks in the welded joints of stainless steel pipes were analyzed by macroscopic and microscopic observation, chemical composition analysis, energy spectrum analysis and metallographic inspection. The results show that the cracking form of the welded joint of stainless steel pipe is intergranular cracking caused by intergranular corrosion. The main reason is that the composition of one side of the stainless steel pipe does not meet the standard, and the carbon content is high and the chromium content is low, which occurs during the welding heating process. The welding sensitization phenomenon is reduced, the corrosion resistance of the welded joint is reduced, and corrosion cracks are generated in the heat-affected zone of the welded joint. In addition, there are more chloride ions in the tap water transported in the steel pipe, which provides a corrosive environment and further promotes the propagation of cracks.image_82792386-1bf0-46e1-b11e-b71759badad020210409_094841.jpg

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